LAUNCHED 30.05.21

We can proudly present our new vintage ‘’STAYCATION COLLECTION’’  together with the artists Estelle Graf and Anna Mörner's hand-painted illustrations.


‘’Using already existing materials and products in art is something I think the art world can get even better at. Adding fabrics to the collection is something I really find so exciting. This third collection is my personal favorite!’’ Anna Mörner, Artist

With the STAYCATION COLLECTION we want to highlight the beauty of what we have in our vicinity but also what we long for and want to be in the future. This collection includes everything we love. 

" I’ve let the collection be characterized by intuition and impulse. Sometimes I think freeing yourself from the thoughts of end results can make it easier to end up exactly where you want to be.’’ Estelle Graf, Artist

Carafes for sunny days in the arbor, hand-painted oyster plates for dinner with your loved ones. Textiles that work just as well as picnic blankets as tablecloths to add a little more color and character to the dinner table setting. 

Dare to take turns and mix color and pattern. More is more!