LAUNCHED 14.06.20
In a collaboration with the Stockholm based artist, Anna Mörner, we have developed a fully sustainable collection of hand-painted vintage pieces for your home. A numbered collection of 25 pieces. 
Anna's inspiration for the collection was the mediterranean spring. A palette with warm light colors in the theme of soft pink and green, but also elements of the more darker and earthy green.

''There is nothing like taking a seat at a set up dinner table were you really can feel the effort and love someone put down to it. To be able to feel that love and effort even on the plates and platter is something extra and thats why I love this collaboration so much''  Anna, artist. 


''The creative in vintage is always alive. We wanted to create a new expression together with our vintage products. As an extension on our signum; new love and life to old things. Anna feels like a given artist to take this step with.'' Mimmi, founder of Attack