Being a renowned director and photographer requires a safe and creative home space. For our next “knock, knock”, Nicolina Knapp welcomes us into her Vasastan home filled with pretty flowers and vibrant colors.



How does your home reflect your personality?

I enjoy experimenting and trying change, I would say same goes for my home. 
There’s also a more thought through part of me that thinks a lot about how things feel, look and what they mean. So my home is maybe a planned adventure? But WHO AM I even? In the end I want it to feel warm, inviting and colorful. 

How would you describe your style?

I can see that I like mixing old and new, I find things here and there and just go. Things that I visually love, things that are there for a reason, and things I wonder why the fuck they are still even there? That’s my ”style” if I have one.


You have this theory about cups, tell us about it. 

Yes, this is so good thank you for asking. Every time I find a new cup I am drawn to, I truly believe it will be a beginning of something new. Bring in a new energy in my life. So that’s why I have so many different ones collected at home. I am, crazy. 



What’s your super power?

That’s an impossible question and I really had to call my mom. She laughed and said: ”it’s always, fine!”. I said, what do you even mean? She said ”you always find a solution!”. Which is kind of ironic… 


Favorite place in your home?

You definitely mostly find me by my table, if it’s summer I can sit in the window. But honestly since it’s one big room I would say I like laying down on the floor in the very middle. Just imagine. 








Your best tips for decorating a small apartment?

Play around with details and colors instead of over-furnishing (so you can still move in there?). The rest is up to you!


Being a freelancer usually means working a lot from home, how do you find peace at home on your freetime?

When I’m free I don’t really use my computer, I pay more attention to just being here. I try to set a different mood. I also never work on my couch or on my bed, so when I’m free they = relaxation to me. 

How and where do you gather energy? 

I can not answer this without saying the exact same things as every other person BUT, it all depends on how I’m feeling. I recommend trying to notice which part needs most attention; the body, the mind or the heart. Or just find a new cup and the rest will solve itself.

What are you dreaming of right now?

Since the topic is homes, I am dreaming of changing the whole thing. Specifically new colors, I want it to feel a bit more random because that’s how life feels right now and it’s all good.


Would you like to recommend something?

A lot, but today I want to recommend scents in your home. Please just trust me and light a candle or incense. And one last thing I recommend – do whatever you want, it’s your home.







Thank you Nicolina for opening the door for us, hope we’ll see you soon again!

You can find Nicolina’s instagram here & her portfolio here