Michaela Hamilton. Writer, screenplay writer and a social media profile. This woman sure has many aces up her sleeve. She recently moved to her new apartment in Södermalm, where she’s currently creating her dream home that’s fully her.

Moving to a new home can mean so many things. Did you change anything about yourself when moving, and did you change style wise? 

Well, I became single the literal second I moved in here which was really weird as I was imagining it to be me and that person, which then would mean a somewhat more compromised style. But now I’ve just put all my energy (and savings...) towards making this place feel like 100% me. I’ve learned not to rush it though, since it takes a while to really figure out what should go where, so I’m not decorating everything at once. It’s a lot more curated than my last apartment. 
Who are you in this apartment? 
I’m me. That’s the only thing I care about in my home, really. That it’s tailored to what I think is pretty and feel happy in. 
Your dining table is just... wow. Who made it? 
Thanks! I really love it. It’s actually custom made by this place that makes concrete for construction sites. He laughed at my mom’s interior decorator when she called him asking, but was like.. okay yeah sure, I guess? He welded the undercarriage underneath the concrete table top as well. Then one of my best friends Anna Mörner freestyle hand painted it. I have about 6 or 7 pieces from her but my table is my absolute favorite. 
How would you describe your style? 
I have no clue. It’s a mix of IKEA, bespoke pieces, second hand stuff, Svenskt Tenn and just about anything I find pretty. My friend described my style the other day as ‘Danish but Swedish, eclectic but classy’ and I was like... yup, if you say so....
You’re also running a food instagram along with Fanny Ekstrand called @astovestory. Tell us more about that. 
So, it was primarily something created by us because I’d just lost my step father and brother and I was just... I couldn’t really function then. Food and cooking has always been dear to me and Fanny knew that, so she pushed me into tagging along. We decided ‘A Stove Story’ was a cool name cause we always talk so fucking much when we cook. It hasn’t been active a lot lately since I just lost my cooking mojo when I became single, but it is set to return and to do so in full, so keep a lookout! 
What’s your go-to dish?
Pasta with home made tomato sauce (I spent weeks cooking tomato sauce during the time @astovestory started so I’m a master now) with a whole fucking burrata or mozzarella on top of each portion. That dish will wow just about anyone. 
What three thoughts are top of mind for you right now? 

- I need to write faster
- I feel like shit for not taking long enough walks with my dog right now
- Taxes and how scared I am of doing them wrong 
How and where do you gather energy? 
From being alone, from being with my absolute closest friends, from hanging out with Majken and from watching Harry Potter on repeat basically every single day since 2009. 
Favorite place in your home? 
I’m trying to make it my kitchen again but it’s so expensive to fix it right now, so
I’d have to say it’s my couch. I love my couch dearly. 
Who are you 2020? 

I’m someone who won’t ever date another man child, will take care of myself and will keep evolving as a writer. 

Thank you Michaela for opening the door for us Here you'll find Michaela's instagram