The content creator, social media profile but most of all – vintage lover, Gustav Broström. You may recognize him from his instagram account @gustavsloppis or #gustavsstilleben.


Hey Gustav, how are you?

I’m fine! We are living in c-r-a-z-y times and sometimes it’s hard to navigate. It might sound shallow but to decorate and do cozy stuff at home keeps me sane. 

Tell us about your relationship to vintage and antiques.

It started when I was a kid, my mom brought me and my sisters to vintage stores because we were five kids and always needed new clothes. That started my interest in fashion as well, I was taught the difference between cheap clothing and more expensive clothes with higher quality. When I moved away from home and started decorating a realized what a gold mine flea markets and antique stores were in order to personalize your home. Today I buy almost 99% vintage.

 Where does your inspiration come from?

I was asked this recently and I come back to three things.

1. ties! Vintage silk ties have the most amazing patterns, ranging from preppy stripes in the 50’s to psychedelic 70’s and posh 90’s. They’re often very cheap and give me immense joy. 2. Svenskt Tenn. The Swedish interior destination Svenskt Tenn has shaped me in many ways. Growing up I was surrounded by Estrid Ericson’s and Josef Frank’s fabrics and items, making me a hoarder as an adult. Colors, exotic items, display cabinets – I want it all! 3. Nature. I find inspiration everywhere but nature is really my favorite source. It can be the way a tree is bent or the mold on a rotting mushroom, I take pictures of everything and try to interpret that in my drawings, embroidery and the way I decorate. 


What’s your favorite vintage finds?

Last Sunday I bought a size 56(!) long sleeved cashmere sweater for 20 SEK. It has the perfect warm camel color and is definitely one of my tops finds ever.

How would you describe your style? 
Brown and basic? I don’t know? Since Attack Shop visited me I’ve moved everything around, switching paintings and furniture. I’m scandinavian, brown, basic, expressive, colorful, minimal and over the top. 

What three thoughts are top of mind for you right now? 
What is happening? – What is going on? – What is the next step? I’m pre-occupied by the global chaos and wonder what effects this will have on society in general. I read a great piece on Dezeen with Li Edelkoort where she predicted the future; less plastic, more DIY, a stronger aversion to traveling and a bigger focus on the “real things in life” such as family and your home.  
Where is your happy place at home? It used to be the sofa but now I love my big pine table I bought for 500 SEK. It’s the perfect dinner table/desk/surface for piles of stuff!

 A favorite place in the world?

My table! Also, in the forest behind my family’s house in the countryside there’s a small stream. Since I was a kid I’ve gone there with my parents, my sisters and now with my nieces and nephews. We grab sticks and try to make the water run faster, it’s silly but pure joy. 

Your greatest passion in life?

Creativity! I’ve tried classic desk jobs but I need to be creative, draw, sew, write, whatever. So just creativity in general I guess.


Would you like to recommend something?

Two of my favorites on Instagram are artist Fanny Schultz @schulverket and stylist Linnea Salmén @linneasalmen. They are funny, warm and creative people that make my digital world a great place. 

What is your vision looking forward?

Keep calm and carry on! This is a great opportunity to look at your life and see what’s important to you. Sort out old books, clothes and stuff, give it to charity, call a friend or grandma, take care of your plants and take a nap. Keep calm. 

Thank you Gustav for opening the door for us and for the inspiration. Hope we’ll see you soon again!